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COVID 19 Safety Procedure 

Safety has always been a top priority at Take A Hike Vegas and that remains true with our new realities as well. Here are the ways we are ensuring your health and safety while you are with us. 

  1. All tours are absolutely private. We will never combine groups whether you are a solo hiker or a family of 5. We have always been a private tour company and that experience will not change. 

  2. All guides will receive a temperature check before each tour and will be sent home if temp is out of the healthy range.

  3. All guides will be supplied with face coverings to wear during their tours.

  4. Guests will be provided masks upon arrival and must wear them while in the vehicle.

  5. Hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the excursion  

  6. Guides will make it a point to maintain a 6ft distance while conducting the tours and will plan routes accordingly to best maintain proper social distancing. 

  7. Vehicles will be disinfected before and after each tour.

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