View from Frenchman Mountain Hike

Discover The Other Vegas 


Single Hikers: $135 per person     Groups of 4: $115 per person  

Groups of 2: $125 per person       Groups of 5: $110 per person

Groups of 3: $120 per person       Groups of 6 or more: $100 per person


***For larger parties please contact us for pricing***

Valley of Fire 

Overview: Explore a multitude of trails and take in the breathtaking desert landscape of the Valley of Fire.  As Nevada's first and largest state park the opportunity for adventure is endless. In addition to a picturesque hike through the vibrant and other-worldly sandstone formations, other highlights of this excursion are the Native American petroglyphs etched throughout the park and the Big Horn Sheep that call this place home. 

Hike Level: Ranging from easy to advanced

Duration: 5-6 hours from pick up to drop off



Lake Mead/Hot Springs 

Overview: The hot springs hike takes you through winding canyons of volcanic rock, down to the beaches of the Colorado River and finishes with a relaxing soak in a series of naturally heated hot springs. 

Hike Level: Moderate

Duration: 5-6 hours from pick up to drop off


Frenchman Mountain 

Overview: Frenchman Mountain is located on the outermost edge of Las Vegas' east side. This hike allows you to take in the city like never before. Once at the top, you can enjoy panoramic views of the entire valley from The Strip to Lake Mead. 

Hike Level: Ranging from Moderate to Advanced 

Duration: 5-6 hours from pick up to drop off